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About Lily - 

Fresh, sweet, and sharply honest, Lily Wecks writes music with purpose and ferocity. A singer songwriter with a background in classical and jazz piano, Lily's music blends timeless songwriting with modern production, and manages to be sweet and stirring in turn.

At 17 Lily successfully raised $7000 on Kickstarter to fund her first EP. During her senior year of high school she worked with Portland, OR producer Gus Berry to record the 6 track release. Since the release of Grace 1920-2016 Lily has pursued a full time music career, playing shows up and down the West Coast. She has built a devoted following who, years later, still celebrate her early work. In 2022 Lily joined Dreaming In Color Entertainment, an independent label in Seattle focused on uplifting fresh artists.


In June of 2022, Lily released the first single from her next project, Lightning Bug. A gift for her sisters, Lightning Bug is a promise of love and support even when things are uncertain. Lily's soon-to-be-released album, She Blessed My Bed, focuses on themes of healing, grief, and community. Co-written and produced by Cameron Lavi Jones, of Seattle based band King YoungBlood, She Blessed My Bed will be released in 2023.


An advocate for mental health and social justice, Lily has a passion for activism. Through DICE, Lily works with Hold Your Crown, a non-profit organization focused on mental health awareness in schools and other youth focused environments. Her recent work is largely motivated by her experience growing up as a bisexual woman in an evangelical environment.

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